Site Locations

  • Aleza Lake (click to see map)
    The Aleza Lake Research Forest is a 9000 ha university-based outdoor research facility and working forest 60 km east of Prince George, BC. At Aliza Lake Research Forest, Sphagnum bogs occupy numerous closed depressions. More information about their formation and distribution can be found in this PDF.
  • Cloverdale (click to see map)
    An agricultural centre in the Lower Fraser valley.
  • Kamloops (click to see map)
    A forestry and transportation hub in south central BC.
  • Morkill Valley (click to see map)
    The Morkill River Valley is approximately 150 km east of Prince George, BC, and contains a headwaters tributary of the Fraser River.
  • Nazko Cone (click to see map)
    The Nazko Cone is a small potentially active basaltic cinder cone, located 75 km west of Quesnel and 150 kilometers southwest of Prince George, BC.